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Keeping it Real: 1st Edition
18 September 2020  | Neil Esterhuysen
Dear Reader,

As we settle into a new normal after the disruptive past 5 months, we are embracing the opportunity to renew and refresh, and hence the new format newsletter.  Don't worry, we're still endeavouring to provide good, easy to read, digestible content that will add value to you and your organization.

Although we were geared for remote work through it all, we quickly decided to return to the office at the first available opportunity (after trying a phased approach at first). Our decision was based on more than a mere herding of talents. We have found that the creative juices start flowing with interpersonal engagement and debate, which is a real boost in finding apt solutions to legal and commercial problems.

We have now grown a new appreciation for access to information and knowledge at the knock of a door. We have also come to see the value of being in each other’s company (albeit it masked, at a distance, and with the offices smelling like hospital wards).

Having worked non-stop through the turbulence, we have decided to close the offices at 12:00 on Wednesday 23 September 2020 for a compulsory long weekend, to take a breather before we charge into the year end. (All professionals are, however, on emergency standby should anything arise).

And while the threat of the pandemic isn’t over, far from it, we as South-Africans have learnt resilience, and we shall prevail.  Now more than ever, it is time to knuckle down and get the show back on the road.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a fantastic Heritage Day!